Andar Bahar|Play Online Andar Bahar with Tricks & Tips in 2022

Andar Bahar is a very simple card game mainly based on pure luck and guessing, and it’s usually seen in real casinos or online casinos. In most cases, we call it “Katti” as well. It is so popular that some players have developed their own Andar Bahar tricks.

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What is Andar Bahar?

Andar Bahar is also known as “Katti,” one of the most popular card games in India, together with Teen Patti & Rummy. It is a simple card game that depends on luck rather than skills. The main goal of Andar Bahar is TO GUESS which would be the winning box between Andar and Bahar.

The first card be exposed called “Joker,” and player has to guess another “Joker” is on Andar or Bahar. If the Joker lands on the option that player has bet on, the player wins.

For example, the dealer reveals “7 of spades” as Joker, you have to bet on the side you think another 7 will land on, either Andar or Bahar.

Since you understand the general concept of Andar Bahar, we now explain the steps in detail.

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How to play Andar Bahar?

The andar bahar rules are various depending on the platform you play, for example in real casino, online casino, or simply andar bahar apps are all slightly different. However, there’s still a main concept behind it. 

The very basic goal of Andar Bahar is to PREDICT, that is to say you have to guess where the “joker” will be. The joker is the first card which is revealed face up. So the general Andar Bahar dealing steps are like:

1.Revealing the “joker”

2.Dealing the cards on “Andar” and “Bahar” in turns

3.When the “joker” appears, the round ends.

However, in a real casino, live casino, or online casino, you have to place a bet to join the game. Usually, there will be two timing for you to bet, and it’s called the first bet and the second bet.

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Andar Bahar Bets and Odds

You are allowed to place your first bet once the joker has been exposed, and your goal is to guess whether the joker will land on Andar or Bahar finally. The Andar Bahar odds might be different from place to place, and the chart below is like an average one.


So, what is the second bet for, and what timing should you place your second bet? The answer is: After your first bet, Andar and Bahar are both dealt with one card. If the joker doesn’t appear in the first card, then you can place your second bets.

When we combine the process of Andar Bahar bets and card dealing, the steps will be like:

  1. Dealer reveals a joker.
  2. You place your first bet.
  3. Dealer deals each card on Andar and Bahar.
  4. If the joker appears, the round ends. If the joker doesn’t appear, then you place your second bet.
  5. Dealer keeps dealing until the joker appears on one of two sides.

What’s more, in some online casinos, there will be an extra bonus with special odds depending on the suits and colours of the card. One of the common examples is to guess the value of the joker.

Options of jokerOdds
Red or Black1.9:1
Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, Clubs3.8:1
Number 2-72:1
Number 812:1
Number 9-Ace2:1

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Andar Bahar Side Bets

In some circumstances, you might see some chances of side payouts when there’s a special hand on the Andar Bahar table.

Straight flush11:1

In some casinos, they also offer a betting option of Andar Bahar called “super Bahar bet,” while you can guess if the very first card on Bahar happens to be the joker or not. The odds will be 11:1 (or different from the game provider), which means you can win 11 times of your wager if you win.

Super Andar Bahar Bet

Win on the first cardOdds
Andar on 1st card10:1 or 15:1
Bahar on 1st card11:1 or 15.5:1

These are the optional bets that you can choose to place or not, and they are the cha nces for you to win lots of money in a single round. Of course the probability is much lower.

Odds Depends on Number of Cards Dealt

If you are playing an unlimited version of Andar Bahar, the later the joker comes, the better the odds is. That is to say, if the joker appear in the late cards been dealt, you’ll win more money. Of course the odds might be different depends on game provider(usually the casino).


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Why is Andar Bahar so popular in India?

After understanding the Andar Bahar rules, you might want to know why this easy game can be so popular in real casinos or online casinos? Besides the simple rules, the fast-paced feature is another reason. People are always crazy for the instant prize, and it’s based on some theories of science.

If you ever observe and do research about casino games, you’ll certainly find some patterns in those mainstream casino games like baccarat, blackjack, slots, or video poker. So is the same on Andar Bahar, as its simplicity and playing speed.

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Andar Bahar common terms

If you are new to Andar Bahar, here’s a list with the common terms that be used in the game.

Andar : It means “inside,” and normally on the top side of the table.

Bahar : It means “outside,” and normally on the bottom sside of the table.

Katti : Another name of Andar Bahar, mostly used in the state of Karnataka.

Joker : The card be dealt at the very beginning, and you have to guess the next same value will go to either Andar or Bahar.

The first bet : The bet you place after the joker exposed, and before the other cards been dealt.

The second bet : The bet you place after the first card be dealt on both Andar and Bahar.

Sidebets : The optional bets that you can choose to place or not. The super bahar bet or the straight flush are sidebets.

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Are there any Andar Bahar tricks or tips?

Although Andar Bahar is a card game based on luck, you can still seize some chances, doing some tricks, and enhance the probability of winning. Normally, we call them Andar Bahar tricks instead of Andar Bahar tips, because all of the scenarios cannot be 100% sure to happen every time when you use your Andar Bahar tricks.

So the answer is YES, and you can check the article Best 10 Andar Bahar Tricks that is also made by Knowurcric.

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Andar Bahar Types

Generally, we can divide Andar Bahar into two main types, entitive and virtual. The entitive Andar Bahar usually are in the real casinos or in casual occasions like playing with friends, while the virtual Andar Bahar are operated with the Internet.

In recent years, people tend to play Andar Bahr online for its convenience and fast-paced. You don’t have to wear a formal suit in order to go to a real casino like you did in Goa. Once you check the reasons you should play games in online casinos, you’ll know how it obsesses people not only in India, but also around the world.

Banking Methods in Online Andar Bahar

There are always a lot of choices of banking methods for you to select, and each online casino or sportsbook will be slightly different depending on their policy and using terms. Most of them accept credit cards and e-wallet like Paytm or Google pay, some of the game providers even accept the cryptocurrency.

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