How to Play Online Andar Bahar Games at Live Casino?

In earlier years of online gaming’s boost, playing in online casinos meant that you played casino games such as Blackjack or Roulette, against a computer and there was no real interaction like communicating with a real human dealer, a croupier or any other players sitting at the same table as you. This is also called RGN games.

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Preview of Online Andar Bahar

Why Playing Andar Bahar Online?

Playing Real Money Andar Bahar Online

Preview of Online Andar Bahar

In the early age that the Internet has not been invented, Andar Bahar started offline, at the real casinos and at homes of the people of India. The early version of the game would have the participating players taking turns dealing the cards and the joker, and rarely had any side-bets. It was even more simple than it is now.

When looking at the online version, it is the dealer who deals all cards, while an unlimited number of players can participate in the game through their user interface.

It was fine if all you wanted was to play and win real money, but lacking the ‘sense of reality’ and interaction. That was not the best experience you can have with an online casino, and of course the previous Andar Bahar online as well.

All that changed with the development of live casinos. When you play in live casino mode, a human dealer is filmed dealing cards or managing other games from a table and the actions are streamed straight to your computer in real time.

It’s the closest experience you’ll find to real-playing at a land-based casino, but without all the obstacles of the real casino. It is like you have an entire casino in your pocket and being able to go on the table anytime, anywhere.

In addition, you can communicate with the dealer through your electronic devices and even other players via chat to make the experience more fun and interactive. The coming of online Andar Bahar truly means that you can still play this classic casino game in an easier and more pleasant way.

However, there are still some people who prefer the simple online Andar Bahar, while some others enjoy the live Andar Bahar. So here are some reasons that explain why they still love the one without a real human dealer.

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Why Playing Andar Bahar Online?

Despite the rules are basically the same, playing Andar Bahar online has some advantages that cannot be replaced by the real table game in casinos. Here are some nice reasons for you to choose playing Andar Bahar online.

Easier to get the APPs

Since the online casinos are in a relatively blurred status in most countries around the world, the apps of live casinos are often difficult to be found in typical APP stores like iOS or Android apps stores. Normally, online casinos offer the apks or download links in their official website for people who need them. Therefore, those which can be found in the app store are simple games without the chance of winning real money.

If you only want to play Andar Bahar online but winning money is not your goal, just open the app stores and download from it will be a simple and quick selection for you.

Saving Money

Since we’ve mentioned that online casinos might clean your wallet in a sudden, playing an online Andar Bahar without a real dealer might save money. Of course that would be less exciting and interesting, it brings you the similar joy of playing Andar Bahar after all.

Off-line games available

One of the biggest advantages of digital online Andar Bahar is that sometimes you can play without the Internet, especially when you don’t have a WiFi or Internet connection. The digital online Andar Bahar are always made with system programming or similar things like this, and you will be literally playing with a computer which just follows the steps that they’d been designed. You are able to play offline as it’s already been set up inside the app itself.

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Playing Real Money Andar Bahar Online

After trying lots of free Andar Bahar games online, you certainly want to play this exciting game with real money. Real money or we call it real cash Andar Bahar, is usually with a real human dealer. The real dealer will be in live Andar Bahar, doing all the movement for you. All you have to do is to click or tap in order to place the bet. Generally, live Andar Bahar bets can be placed for as low as ₹10, and as high as ₹1,00,000!

Live Andar Bahar Game Casinos

Since you will be playing live Andar Bahar on the screen, the way you place the bets or interact with the dealer is to click the button on their interface. It’s better to choose one with simple functions if you are not so familiar with the live Andar Bahar.

Banking Methods of Payment

Banking terms include the deposit, withdrawal, and the minimum/maximum of the stake on every round of live Andar Bahar. You should select one with a standard that you can afford, otherwise you might empty your wallet too soon.

Real Human Dealer

Some human dealers make mistakes when they’re dealing the card, so it’s important to check the quality of dealers before you join the live Andar Bahar. You can always find some reviews on the Internet.

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Live Andar Bahar is one of the offshoots in online Andar Bahar, and so is the same as other online casinos. If you have no interest in winning real money, opening the app store on your mobile phone and downloading a free one is the ideal choice for you.