How can I bet on Andar Bahar?


Andar Bahar is an easy card game based on luck played with a standard deck of cards. The main goal of this casino game is to guess whether the Andar box wins or the Bahar box wins. The dealer begins by shuffling the deck and exposing the first card or Joker.

Then the players place their bet by predicting which set of boxes would the Joker card first land on. You win by correctly selecting Andar or Bahar.


The game begins when the dealer exposes the Joker. And the next step then is, all players place their initial bets by placing chips on either Andar or Bahar.

The first box where the Joker lands in wins the round.
You win if your initial call matches the box that the Joker lands in.


On an Andar Bahar online table, there are two sets of boxes, these are labelled Andar and Bahar.
It is played with a single deck of standard cards that the dealer shuffles before every round.
The game begins when the dealer exposes the first card known as Joker and places it in the middle of the gaming table.

Next, all players on the table place their bets by choosing whether the Joker will land on the Andar set or Bahar box .
These initial bets are placed on the box labelled 1st bet for both thebox .
After each player has placed their 1st bet, the dealer calls no more bets and begins drawing cards for each box in an alternating pattern. In essence, the dealer first exposes one card for Bahar followed one card for Andar, and it continues until the next Joker comes. The round shall end.

  • If the Joker lands on the first card drawn on Bahar, then 25% of the betting amount is paid to all players betting on Bahar. Consequently, all players betting on Andar lose.
  • If the Joker appears on the first card drawn for the Andar set, all players betting on Andar are paid even money, and all players betting on Bahar lose.
  • If the Joker doesn’t appear in the first two cards, the players have another opportunity to place a 2nd bet. This bet is placed on the box labelled 2nd bet for both the sets.
  • After all players have placed their 2nd bet, the dealer calls no more bets and starting drawing card again. These cards are placed in turns, first on Bahar and then on Andar until the Joker comes.
  • If the first card drawn on the 2nd bet is the Joker, the 2nd bet is paid 25% of the betting amount and the first bet is paid even money.
  • The payout for winning after this stage is even money or 1x the initial bets.

Super Bahar bet is an optional bet you can place by putting your chips on the box labelled super bahar on the table. This bet can be placed during the 1st bet and the 2nd bet but only for the Bahar box.
If you place a Super Bahar bet and the first card drawn is the Joker, the payout is 11x the betting amount.