How can I play Andar Bahar Online?

Andar Bahar, also known as Katti. It is a very easy and fast, yet extremely a popular card game that originates from India. It has exploded in popularity at both online and live casinos recently.

The main reason for this game’s popularity is its simplicity and rapid, although the premise of the game still makes it very thrilling to play.

How to Play Andar Bahar in India

Learning how to play Andar Bahar online won’t take long and with the guide below, you’ll be ready to start playing in seconds. It is actually really easy to understand the basics of the game. Once you’ve known how to play, you probably are not gonna forget it for the rest of your life.

Besides providing you the rules, we’ll make an overview on how the game is played, recommend some of the best Andar Bahar online and live casino sites in India, as well as show you two different ways this game can be played online.

Best Andar Bahar Online & Live Casino Sites

Are you looking for a place to play Andar Bahar? We have put together a few recommendations in the list below. These online casino sites offer Andar Bahar live and online with a good andar bahar bonus. They are also of course licensed to provide online gambling. 

Due to this game’s popularity, most of the leading online casinos in India offers the game in their live casino with real dealers.

How to Play Andar Bahar

The games start by the dealer dealing one face-up card which he or she places in the middle of the table in front of the player. This face-up card is called the Joker and it is what will decide how the round is played and when it ends.

Next, it’s the player’s turn to place his bet. The objective is to guess on which side – andar or bahar – that the next card with the same value will land on.

After that, the dealer proceeds with dealing one card at the time on each side of the table until a card with the same value as the Joker is dealt. If the player placed his bet on andar and the same-valued card is dealt on andar he wins but if it’s dealt on the bahar side, he loses.

Online Andar Bahar Bets & Andar Bahar Payout

Betting on Andar Bahar is piece of cake. You only have two possibilities, unless there are Andar Bahar side bets available, to which not every Andar Bahar table of online casino offer.

The very basic Andar Bahar bets are:

  • Andar
  • Bahar

First bet

The first round starts once the Joker is shown. You can choose to bet on either Andar or Bahar. The first cards will be dealt on Bahar and the next ones on Andar. If the first card lands on Bahar is a joker, that means all bets on Bahar will have a 25% Andar Bahar payout and the Andar bets lose. If the first Joker ends up on Andar, all Andar bets will be paid even money and Bahar loses.

Second bet

Once there is a card drawn for both Andar and Bahar sides and the Joker isn’t exposed, the dealer will allow you to place your second bet. If the first card of the 2nd Bahar bet is a Joker, all 2nd bets on Bahar will get 25% of the bet. The first bet on Bahar will even win more money.

Andar Bahar Online Cash Game Bets, Payouts And Probabilities

We’ve talked about that there are only two main types of bets to make when you play Andar Bahar online. The first is the best you place straight after the Joker’s announcement, and you bet on whether a card of the same value will fall on the Andar box or the Bahar box. 

Being a game of luck, the probability of this happening is 50/50.

But, the side that gets the first card is more likely to win as it gets an extra card if the whole deck of cards is used. In most Andar Bahar online casino game versions, Andar receives the first card. 

In some other variations of the card game, it all depends on the colour suit that comes out – with red going on Bahar and black going on Andar. If this is the case, you may find that the casino swaps the odds based on which side gets the first card.

Here’s a quick breakdown to make it even easier to understand:

  • Andar bet – 0.9:1 payout – 51.50%
  • Bahar bet – 1:1 payout – 48.5%

Side Bets When You Play Andar Bahar Online

Now, let’s dive into the side bets you can place in a game of Andar Bahar. They’re a great way to spice your gaming up even more, especially since one of these side bets pays out a mega 120:1.

There are two popular side bets you can place in certain versions of online Andar Bahar games, and they are:

Bet on the range side bet – with this one, you bet on how many cards may be drawn between the announcement of the Joker and the card of similar value appearing.

  • Bet On Range Side bet 1 – 5, Payout 3:1, Probability 23.8%
  • Bet On Range Side bet 6 – 10, Payout 4:1, Probability 21.7%
  • Bet On Range Side bet 11 – 15, Payout 5:1, Probability 16.9%
  • Bet On Range Side bet 16 – 25, Payout 4:1, Probability 21.8%
  • Bet On Range Side bet 26 – 30, Payout 15:1, Probability 6.09%
  • Bet On Range Side bet 31 – 35, Payout 25:1, Probability 3:69%
  • Bet On Range Side bet 35 – 40, Payout 50:11, Probability 89%
  • Bet On Range Side bet 41+, Payout 120:1, Probability 0.79%

Joker prediction side bet – with this side bet, you bet on what you think the Joker’s going to land on, instead of where a similar value card will be placed. You need to place your bets (and it’s even paid out) before the Joker is announced and even before any of the main Andar Bahar bets are placed.

  • Bet value 8, Payout 11:1, Probability 7.69%
  • Bet Red or Black, Payout 0.9:1, Probability 50%
  • Bet The suit, Payout 2:8:1, Probability 25%
  • Bet value 7/9/10/Ace, Payout 1:1, Probability 46.15%

The Best Andar Bahar Online Casino Games In India

If you love to play online Andar Bahar, you are in luck, especially when it comes to selections. The popular card game is available at many of the top online casinos in India. 

Whether you try out games in demo mode or go right ahead and play Andar Bahar real cash games against the computer or in an Andar Bahar live casino, the sites we recommend have got you covered.

Just some of the online Andar Bahar casino games you can play, including their betting limits and software developers, include:

  • Andar Bahar – Whoohoo Games – INR 10 – INR 5,000
  • Andar Bahar Live – Ezugi – INR 50 – INR 50,000
  • Live NC Andar Bahar – Super Spade Games – INR 2,000 – INR 10,000
  • Andar Bahar – OneTouch – INR 25 – INR 25,000

Andar Bahar Live Casino Games For Real Rupees

Playing the online Andar Bahar game is interesting and exciting, but playing the RNG games against the casino’s computer isn’t quite as exciting and interactive with real dealers and players in real-time. That’s exactly why Andar Bahar real live casino games are more popular than ever during the pandemic of Covid19. When you play the card game with real dealers online, it takes your experience to an entirely more engaging and immersive level.

Given the popularity of Live Casino games, you’ll find more live dealer Andar Bahar options than RNG versions of the card game, and with some of the best developers pushing out the game (think along the lines of Super Spade Games and Ezugi), you can look forward to an authentic real casino experience and high-quality streaming.

Different versions of Andar Bahar online

Many other guides are mentioning several different variations of the game but there are essentially only three different versions: 

  • Live Andar Bahar : Play with real human dealers live and other players.
  • Online Andar Bahar: Single player.
  • Speed Andar Bahar: A faster variation of the classic game.

Other than that you have a few different game providers offering the same game:

  • OneTouch: an app-based game developer. 
  • X-Pro Gaming: Live casino provider that offers Andar Bahar.
  • Ezugi: Live casino provider and developer that offers basic Andar Bahar. 
  • Super Spade Games: Local game developer in India that offers Speed Andar Bahar and a classic version of the game.
  • XProGaming: Game Software provider that offers a basic version and a more advanced version.