Andar Bahar Tips and Tricks

Although that we’re talking about how Andar Bahar relies on pure luck, there are still some Andar Bahar tips you can use to increase the chance of winning. That is because Andar Bahar is still a card game dominated by probability.

Get the Lowest House Edge by Betting on Andar

The best bet is on Andar because it has a slightly lower house edge. Since the first draw card is always for Andar, it can win without Bahar ever getting a card.

This slight advantage does come with a smaller payout, though.

Even despite that, the house edge is still 33% lower compared to betting on Bahar.

Stick With the Better Bonus Bets

Normally, We don’t actually recommend you place side bets on casino games. They usually increase the house edge – sometimes significantly. That is to say, your extra loss will be sometimes obvious. Here’s one Andar Bahar tip— you should always check the probability and the odds with exact stats instead of guessing randomly.

However, if you are going to make a side bet playing Andar Bahar, these are the ones you should make. You still have chances to win big money if you are lucky enough.

  • Color bet – 50-50 chance – pays 0.9:1
  • Below “8” – 46.15% chance – pays 1:1
  • Above “8” – 46.15% chance – pays 1:1
  • 6-10 or 16-25 Mid-range bet – 21% chance – pays 4:1

While going after 120:1 payouts is exciting and CAN be profitable, you’ll need a lot of luck on your side. Stick to these side bets when playing Andar Bahar instead.