Live Andar Bahar – Play Andar Bahar at Live Casino Now

A lot of online casinos or sportsbooks offer live Andar Bahar to players, and it’s getting more and more people in India involved in a very short time. Thanks to the popularity of mobile phones and laptops, online gamble has come to an unexpected peak.

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What is Live Andar Bahar?

How does Live Andar Bahar online work?

How to start playing live Andar Bahar?

Top 8 Specialties of live Andar Bahar

Where Can I Find A Place to Play Live Andar Bahar Online?

What is Live Andar Bahar?

It means you play Andar Bahar with an electronic device like mobile phone or computer, and the dealer is a real person, aka the croupier. Live Andar Bahar is the closest form to the experience that you’ll have in a real casino.

How does Live Andar Bahar online work?

The reason why it is called live Andar Bahar online is that the game is going in real time. That is to say, the dealer and the player might be in different places, but they are in the game simultaneously. The way been played of live Andar Bahar is different from classic Andar Bahar in real casinos.

Generally, the steps of live Andar Bahar are below.

  1. The dealer reveals the joker.
  2. You place a bet on either Andar or Bahar.
  3. The human dealer deals.
  4. You receive or lose your stake by the digital system of that online casino.

And if you keep playing for more rounds, the same process goes on and on. Since the Andar Bahar rules are simple, even if you are not in a real casino it’s still an easy thing for you.

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How to start playing live Andar Bahar?

There is another feature of live Andar Bahar that is different from digital online Andar Bahar, is that live Andar Bahar is always played with real cash. You have to deposit then you’re verified to join the online gambling. Therefore, live Andar Bahar always exists in online casinos which are built with serious banking policy, so that your money will be safe and your players’ experience will be taken care of.

Here are the steps that you can follow to start playing live Andar Bahar.

  1. Choose an online casino with the live Andar Bahar gaming tables
  2. Register and Deposit
  3. Log in your account and join a virtual gaming lobby
  4. Start playing live Andar Bahar and winning money

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Top 8 Specialties of live Andar Bahar

There are some different places between live Andar Bahar and ones in real casinos, and here are the specialties you can find in live Andar Bahar.

Bet with a click or tap

Because you will be playing with a mobile phone or laptop, you don’t have to count and put the gaming chips, which are always seen in a real casino. Live Andar Bahar allows you to place your bet quickly, conveniently, and correctly.

Time limited

The dealer will not be able to see the players, so the system will show a countdown watch on your screen, reminding how much time you still have. The time won’t be too long, so you have to decide which to place your bet in seconds. Just make it simple and don’t be nervous, otherwise you might lose a chance to win money.

Therefore, it will be faster if you play live Andar Bahar than in real casinos.

Clearer printing on cards

Since you’ll see the dealer do all the tasks through your screen, they always use cards with larger and clearer printing for players to know the card easily.

Winnings shown on screen

Once you win a round of live Andar Bahar, the system will show you the total number of your winnings. Neither the dealer nor yourself need to count it artificially.

You might not see others’ bets

It depends on the game provider, some allows you to interact with others while some might not. After all, the main point of live Andar Bahar is on you and the dealer instead of you and other players, so it shall not bother you too much.

Less instant feelings

Because you cannot touch and handle the gaming chips aka your money with live Andar Bahar, the instant feeling of winning or losing for you might be reduced. Some players even don’t feel that they are losing until they have not enough money to play anymore. So please be careful and notice the situation that you’re in when you are playing Andar Bahar live.

Multiple currency you can use

Online Andar Bahar usually accepts lots of different banking methods, even some accept cryptocurrency now. So if you have different currencies on your hand and you would like to make use of them, online Andar Bahar, especially a live one will be a good choice.

Fairer than digital program

Some people might doubt that there’s a chance for computers to cheat, or the result will always come with certain patterns. Game providers definitely don’t want this pure gamble game to be in a regular way for players to predict easily, and players don’t want to play a game that has been set up. 

Compared with simple Andar Bahar apps with a computer dealer, a live Andar Bahar with a real dealer on your screen will be fairer so that you may enjoy the pure luck game more.

Where Can I Find A Place to Play Live Andar Bahar Online?

Usually, the live Andar Bahar is not a standard and classic card game in any casino or online casino. It’s mainly popular in India. Therefore, many online casinos which provide service in India offer lots of online Andar Bahar live games with excellent user experience and professional croupiers, and the most important– the deposit bonus and random jackpot for you to get extra cash.

Plus, if you are also a fan of cricket online betting, you might find there are lots of online games in your bookmakers. Some of the bookmakers even offer a common wallet for your cricket betting account and online gaming account.

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