Top 6 Sites To Make Your Cricket Betting Win More

We all know how exciting and passionate it is to have Cricket betting during the gaming season. However, there is someone who always wins the bet while you still get a lot of work to do to win. To win Cricket Betting, the first and the most important step is to always get the latest data from professional and powerful websites.It’s difficult for us to improve the performance of players, but we can learn how to observe and adjust the direction of decisions.

“We can’t change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust the sails.”

Indian Proverb

Here are Top 6 sites we think you should always follow as your betting database:

1.ESPN cricinfo

Definitely one of the sites comes with a great quantity of useful information. You can find any team in those countries where the Cricket Sport is popular. Also, there are some analyses about not only the latest local Cricket News, but the entire environment of Cricket Sport and the influences behind. Please note that every static and element can be a clue for you to predict the result of matches.

●Features of this site:

  1. Categorized by Series – You can find your following series in seconds. 
  2. Quick links on the left side – See the most popular topics around the world.
  3. Great amount of Stats – Team records, Player records, or any stats you need.
ESPN cricinfo home page
ESPN cricinfo home page
ESPN cricinfo home page
ESPN cricinfo home page

2.Cricket World

If you like to compare the latest news about global Cricket, you must not miss this site. Without extra click, you can see the matches schedule in the following days. The statistics are very complete in Cricket World. You can find any team records, player records, league ranking or specific place like bowling and batting.

●Features of this site:

  1. Live Score of matches around the world.
  2. Categorized by Series, Club, or country.
  3. A large amount of objective Statistics.
  4. Lots of Video and Audio to catch up ideas after the game.
Cricket World home page
Cricket World home page
Cricket World home page
Cricket World home page


Cricbuss is relatively like a simple but smart helper for you to make decisions. The layout is clear and easy to use. It is various types of Cricket News that makes it convincing and powerful. Sometimes when the official stats don’t seem to be so different, the key elements that decide which team to win will be the stories of coaches and players. Cricbuzz is definitely good at collecting those details.

●Features of this site:

  1. Simple and clear layout to explore.
  2. Cricbuzz has apps for both iOS and Android users.
  3. Collecting Stories and Interviews of Players and Coaches.
  4. Frequently update the latest news from different aspects.
Cricbuzz home page

4.The Top Bookies

If you are tired of watching lots of words and statistics, The Top Bookie even provides the ultimate advice based on records and rankings. That is to say, they help you to save time on exploring and explaining information.

●Features of this site:

  1. Tips and advice for each match.
  2. After the matches end, there are scorecards with match details and players’ stats.
  3. Direct link to online betting platforms or apps.

5. Cric Metric

This site will be suitable for those who already have general ideas in mind. There is not much news on the home page, but if you need some metric charts for matches or players, Cric Metric is the best research tool for a professional like you!

●Features of this site:

  1. Great searching function for charts and forms.
  2. Detailed player metrix and comparison.

6.Times of India-Cricket

Especially for IPL news and analysis. The ranking charts are easy for you to see through the situation. Also, they provide the trending topics column on the right side. You must not miss Times of India-Cricket if your are a sociable expert around your friends and family!

●Features of this site:

  1. Simple and clear layout to explore.
  2. Trending topics recommended.
  3. Match summary for each game.
Times of India-Cricket

Now you’ve already got very useful tools to make your betting decision better. Try to do more research and analysis before joining a bet, and you will be that person that stands out in your social group, even a master among all of your friends!

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