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Why Lose? 5 Mistakes You Should Always Avoid in Football Betting

Football betting is more than luck,yet it is always a math game with lots of numbers like stats and odds. If you forget this point, or even worse, you misunderstand the sights behind the numbers, it will be more chances for you to lose in a football betting.

Bettors who are not following profitable mathematical betting strategies and a good staking system will permanently lose in sports betting. They may have some success in betting, but in the long run, they will permanently lose.

Gamblers who follow smart betting techniques will always win, and their bets will generate profits.

1. You don’t have a strategy based on math.

Without investing some time and effort into developing a sound betting strategy, you leave yourself open to all sorts of issues. Lack of a plane leaves the door wide open for chasing losses and other mistakes. If you have no idea what you’re doing at any stage, it’s going to be much harder to turn things around when things go wrong. The sports bettors fail because they don’t have a simple, well-defined strategy that works for their style and ability level.

2.Poor knowledge of Bookmakers’ Offers

Different bookmakers offer different odds because they are not the same. Only big companies have enough money to provide high-quality services at low rates. If your first action after finding a good betting website is neglecting it, you should reconsider your behavior, mainly because hundreds of other sites could use it instead.

You might follow some of the bookmakers, while you don’t even know what they are talking about, or simply believe them without considering other outside conditions. Then the sportbook is useless for you.

3. Too Many Bets

People who bet on sports because they like excitement. However, adrenaline rush can make too many bets without proper time to analyze all the data. Set the correct number of hours you will spend researching betting opportunities; if you put too much effort into it, it becomes a job, not a fun activity. Losing the joy of football betting with spending to much time to see only the numbers is also a reason of losing, while it reduce your judgement accumulated by experience.

4.You don’t Manage Your Bankroll Well

You’ll never go very far with sports betting if you can’t properly manage your money and stick to a budget. You should set aside a fixed amount of money for sports betting and keep it outside of your main account where possible. It adds an element of separation between gambling and personal finances, aiding rehabilitation after potential setbacks.

You should always set limits on your bets, even if you use a highly professional strategy with an extremely high success rate. You must never bet more than 1% or 2% of bankroll on each trade because otherwise, you will start chasing losses and trying to get back what you have lost instead of enjoying steady long-term profits.

5.Being greedy while betting

Most bettors are chasing winning bets not only when they face a losing streak. A winning betting can make us think that we are unstoppable, and all of our bets will be winners. Getting false self-esteem in gambling can be very dangerous. You might eventually lose the money you won in previous time.

This greedy tactic will increase the risks of running into a big losing streak. Most gamblers after losing in this state of mind can easily start chasing winning bets that can increase the losses.

The best way of keeping sustainable profits is by sticking to the strategy even if you feel you are on a long winning streak.


Football betting is a risky entertainment, and you must always remain aware that you can lose money very quickly. It’s tough for beginners to profit from sports betting, but you will have better chances of becoming successful gamblers if you know why you fail. You should avoid these 5 most common mistakes made by many gamblers. This is the only way to become a professional bettor and win more often than not!

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